Prairie Ghosts


Oregon Trail Family by Morgan Weistling

Good afternoon, readers!

I’m excited to announce my western romance novel, Prairie Ghosts, debuts between January and February 2020. I’m looking forward to working with Satin Romance, an imprint of Melange Books, LLC.

I’ll be discussing a variety of topics concerning The Oregon Trail over the next several weeks. I’d like to begin by sharing the synopsis of “Prairie Ghosts” along with several related images and paintings.


                                                                 Prairie Ghosts 

Prairie Ghosts, set within the California Gold Rush, chronicles the travels of this talented seamstress and natural healer.  Cathy Brennan’s childhood friend and love interest, Shane Mackenzie, earns a place in her heart, wrangling  both cattle and dangerous obstacles along the trail. She and her traveling companions, a lovable cast of gold prospectors, gamblers, wranglers and even a fast-talking Madame and her charming ladies of “ill-repute”, risk life and limb as they journey across the Great Frontier. Together, they challenge conventional beliefs.

Settling in the growing town of Monterey, Cathy is haunted by threatening dreams and visions. She battles both real and imaginary forces, that eventually culminate in a surprising twist of fate.  Will the green-eyed beauty find love and contentment in the arms of Shane Mackenzie, a handsome cowboy? Will she fall victim to dark forces bent on her destruction?

Dare to take up the reins in this action-packed romance. This is a unique American tale for a new generation of western romance lovers.



Orgeon Trail  by Mel Steinhauer


The original “Prairie Schooner”

restored wagon

Restored Conestoga Wagon at Scotts Bluff National Monument on the Oregon Trail


Chimney Rock.


An impressive column of clay and sandstone rising from the dusty earth like a mysterious pyramid from days gone by. Reaching five hundred feet, the pillar of limestone, clay and ash was a startling milestone. The circumference was nearly half a mile in diameter, creating excitement among the travelers travelling across Nebraska.


Image by  Morgan Weistling

Experienced pioneers drove oxen and mules across the prairies. The animals were able to survive on smaller amounts of feed and water compared to horses and ponies.


Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

Wagon-in-Marsh (1)

Wagons in Marsh: Oregon/California Trail Center

Girl on Oregon Trail by Benjamin Wu

Girl on Oregon Trail by Benjamin Wu

he Oregon Trail painting originally painted by Albert Bierstadt

The Oregon Trail by Albert Bierstadt


“Evening on the Trail” by Tom Browning

Thank you for stopping by today, readers! I’m looking forward to your next visit.


AnneMarie Dapp



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