AnneMarie Dapp is a graduate of San Francisco State University, where she studied Studio Arts and Art History. She lives and writes on Sock Monkey Ranch, her and her husband Dale’s vegetarian farm in Prunedale, California.

Update: I’d like to invite all of my readers to check out my new paranormal romance novel, The Wall People. It’s available on Amazon. Happy reading!


Katie O’Brien is starting over in Napa Valley, California. In the wake of an abusive marriage, she’s decided to begin her life anew by fulfilling a childhood dream of moving to a remote log cabin in the woods. As she heals, Katie rediscovers herself, forming new bonds and navigating a new life of mystery, adventure, forgotten love, and whimsical quests back through time to 19th Century Ireland. But everything comes with a price. Some doors should never be opened. The forces of good and evil clash as a timeless romance hangs in the balance.

Through deft and clever storytelling, Annemarie Dapp brings us to an enigmatic world where dreams can become reality, and where a shattered past can trigger a fragmented present of unfinished troubles transforming current sufferings. The Wall People is a book about redemption; it is the story of a broken woman confronting herself and the world in which we all live.




Her heart raced in her chest. The heavy gown dragged and snagged the ground with each painful step. The sharp cries of ravens echoed in the distance, their shrill voices lamenting the approaching twilight. Jagged stones protruded along the trail. Her bare feet suffered painfully from the brutal terrain. Rich soil began to take on a sandy texture as she neared the shoreline. Daylight faded and washed shadows over the lush landscape. If she could only find her way back to the safety of the main road, back to the village of Kinvara. The aroma of the sea was rich, intoxicating. Woodlands quickly gave way to an open shore. Dark waters raged and heaved against the rising tide. Rock cliffs on both sides surrounded her. She had followed the wrong path.

The icy water rolled toward her as she slowed at the sandy bank. With resignation, she watched the churning waves of Galway Bay. Dunguaire Castle appeared like a phantom beacon on the foggy haze. Dim lights glowed in the windows of the grand building. Cold ripples drifted over her battered feet. The water was salty and harsh on her open wounds. Taking a deep breath, embracing the pain, she made the sign of the cross and whispered a silent prayer to Jesus and the Mother Mary. Heavy footsteps made their way toward her. Inhaling the aroma of the overlapping waves calmed her mind. He stood directly behind her in silence. The young woman held her ground. Rough hands encircled her delicate neck. Her locket ripped from her throat as she was pulled under the frigid water. It floated away on the currents. Her last thoughts were of Daniel.

_AnneMarie Dapp, The Wall People