Baby Miracle


Last week we welcomed a new edition to Sock Monkey Ranch!  Momma Ruth, our Nigerian/Pygmy goat, delivered a darling girl, Baby Miracle. It was a bittersweet event. The mother had a complications, which ended in a Caesarian section and breech delivery. Our vet explained that the baby’s sibling passed away days before the birth.  In spite of difficult beginnings, Ruth and her daughter are thriving against all odds. Miracle is a playful and energetic baby full of curiosity. My family and I wondered how our new charge would adjust to being an only child. Would she be lonely without a sibling?

Happily, Our Bichon Frise puppy, Clementine, took immediately to the wee goat. In fact, they seemed to have fallen in love the moment they set eyes on one another. They even have their very own YouTube channel to celebrate their friendship! I’ll be posting new videos weekly. Please click the link below to watch and subscribe to their delightful shenanigans!

In honor of Wordless Wednesday, I’d like to share some adorable photos of Baby Miracle and her many friends. I’ve also included some of my favorite rural paintings by Edgar Hunt. Enjoy!


Baby Miracle’s Birthday! October 30th, 2018


Baby Miracle enjoyed her very first Halloween dressed as a dragon!


Momma Ruth and her darling Miracle. Baby seems to be enjoying her hand-sewn dress!


Puppy Clementine loves her new sister, Baby Miracle!


Baby Miracle has such a big family now! It’s good to be part of a supportive herd.

Edgar_Hunt_-_A_Goat_Chicken_and_Doves_in_a_Stable_16x21_pmc2g8__89269.1486397864 (1)

“A Goat, Chickens, and Doves in a Stable” by Edgar Hunt


“Baby Goats in Barn, Rooster, and Chickens” by Edgar Hunt


“Rabbits and Goats at Feeding” by Edgar Hunt


“Goats in a Farmyard” by Edgar Hunt


Thank you for stopping by today, readers! I’m already looking forward to your next visit. 🙂


AnneMarie Dapp



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