Thankful for Turkeys


Happy Thanksgiving Eve!  Today, I’d like to honor my wonderful turkeys―Ichabod,  Pumpkin, Momma Maize and Baby Acorn!

thanksgiving-greetings-4 (1)

Turkeys make fabulous pets. They’re intelligent, sensitive, and entertaining. At Sock Monkey ranch, we celebrate our beautiful birds by providing  extra love and yummy desserts for their special day. Every year, my family enjoys a delicious meal of Tofurky with plenty of tasty sides!

turkey2 Fresh Cranberry Sauce


Fresh Cranberry Recipe from “The Kind Diet” by Alicia Silverstone

In honor of Wordless Wednesday, I’d like to share some photos and paintings of turkeys from around the world. Enjoy!


Ichabod the Turkey


Spring Strut by Cynthie Fisher


The Challenge by Jim Hansel



Painting by Pat Pauley


Sam Timm (b.1964) — Wisconsin Turkey


Portrait of a Turkey by Johann Wenceslaus Peter Wenzal


Vintage 1950’s Holiday Card


My First Turkeys ―Turkey Lurkey and Jive Turkey


I’d like to wish my readers a blessed and joyous Thanksgiving!


AnneMarie dapp

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