The Grey Lady of Monarch Cove


The Grey Lady of Monarch Cove by AnneMarie Dapp, book 4 of The White Raven Series.

#paranormalromance #love #marriage #selkie #action #adventure #ghosts

About this novel:

Just when they thought it was safe to start their married life, an unsolved 1906 mystery begins a new haunt…
After leaving the threat of the Hunters behind them in Scotland, newlyweds Aidan and Jade settle into their Pacific Grove cottage by the sea, intent on making up for lost time. Not surprisingly, domestic bliss gives way to another phantom in the portrait above their own fireplace. There, an Edwardian lady in grey takes center stage in the ever-changing landscape.
Once more, Jade puts her art history degree to good use combined with old-fashioned detective work and her newfound psychic gifts. But will her fledgling power be enough to save the trapped spirit in the painting, or will her attempts incur the wrath of an evil entity that feeds on living and dead souls?
With a new husband, the whisper of a family in the making, and everything they ever wanted together at stake, Jade must weave the threads of this harrowing tapestry before her bright future unravels.

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