The Wall People Giveaway

wallcatToday’s contest for my paranormal romance novel, The Wall People, is live!

Five random readers will be selected to win a free Kindle copy.  Simply click the link above to enter the contest! I’d love to hear if you’re a winner!

Meanwhile, here’s a synopsis of the story:

Looking for a spooky read this Halloween season? Travel back in time to 19th Century Ireland! Are you ready?💕📚🍂☕🎃

Katie O’Brien is starting over in Napa Valley, California. In the wake of an abusive marriage, she’s decided to begin her life anew by fulfilling a childhood dream of moving to a remote log cabin in the woods.

As she heals, Katie rediscovers herself, forming new bonds and navigating a new life of mystery, adventure, forgotten love, and whimsical quests back through time to 19th Century Ireland. But everything comes with a price. Some doors should never be opened. The forces of good and evil clash as a timeless romance hangs in the balance.

Good luck, readers.

AnneMarie Dapp



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