Where to begin…

Writing has always been the perfect escape for me. It’s often challenge trying to  summon up the courage to release those first words on paper.  But sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and try. I’ve been playing with the idea of  starting a blog for awhile. It never seemed to be the right time. And there were so many questions. Where do I begin? What if I make a mistake? Would anyone want to read what I write?  In spite of these nagging questions and concerns, I’ve  decided to throw caution to the wind and take the plunge. What do I have to lose? Better not answer that one. Could  my experiences and/or mistakes benefit someone else? Maybe. Could the stories of  Sock Monkey Ranch bring a smile to my reader’s face?  I hope so. That’s the more positive approach. Sometimes you just have to take a chance. I gave myself the same pep talk when writing my first novel, The Wall People.
I tried my best to create an original paranormal romance novel.  I figured that if the story moved just one person it would all be worth it.  And why not? I’m not getting any younger. We all have an expiration date. It’s time to get cracking before it’s too late. So that nagging question is rearing its head once again. Where to begin? I’ve always enjoyed a variety of interests-reading, writing, art, history, world religions, nature, pets, gardening, running, so many hobbies, the lists goes on and on. In fact, I  changed my major five times in college before finally settling down with an art history degree. This was not my  best financial decision. No.  It was a bit of a reckless love affair with the arts. But there is some silver lining in this. I can usually nail the art history category when I’m playing Jeopardy!
I remind myself of this fact every month when paying  back my endless student loans. It’s good to look at the positive side of life!
But I digress. This blog is my attempt to talk a little bit about my favorite things.  It’s not a linear blog beginning with something like:”I was born in a small town North of San Francisco…at the age of five I decided to become a vegetarian after watching the movie, Dr. Doolittle, much to my parents dismay.” No. This blog is going to bounce around quite a bit. Hopefully it will provide some unique  insights about living on a vegetarian farm, and exploring the benefits of urban gardening, growing your own crops on small acreage, and the joys of raising pet chickens, ducks, geese, potbelly pigs, and so on.
For example, the photograph above shows two of my pet goats, Eileen and Baby Buster, mother and son. It illustrates one of their many successful escape attempts from our property. As you can see, they have absolutely no shame in busting out of their field and making a home on the steps of our house. Nibbling on the front door, while scattering piles of marble-like goat poops across the steps, is routine as well. Frustrating at times, even to the point of exasperation and hair pulling, it’s  difficult, if not impossible,  to imagine life without our furry and feathered friends. And we have a lot of them, my husband and I, oh yes, a whole bunch indeed. It seems that chickens, ducks, goats, etc. are like potato chips.  It’s hard to stop at just one. I’m looking forward to sharing their stories and other amusing anecdotes from Sock Monkey Ranch. I hope you’ll join me on this exciting adventure. Pull up a chair, pour a cup of coffee, and get ready to get your hands dirty. Happy Reading!
Kind Regards,
AnneMarie Dapp

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