Thankful for Turkeys

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!  Today, I’d like to honor my wonderful turkeys―Ichabod,  Pumpkin, Momma Maize and Baby Acorn! Turkeys make fabulous pets. They’re intelligent, sensitive, and entertaining. At Sock Monkey ranch, we celebrate our beautiful birds by providing  extra love and yummy desserts for their special day. Every year, my family enjoys a delicious meal … More Thankful for Turkeys

Prairie Ghosts

Oregon Trail Family by Morgan Weistling Good afternoon, readers! I’m excited to announce my western romance novel, Prairie Ghosts, debuts between January and February 2020. I’m looking forward to working with Satin Romance, an imprint of Melange Books, LLC. I’ll be discussing a variety of topics concerning The Oregon Trail over the next several … More Prairie Ghosts

Baby Miracle

Last week we welcomed a new edition to Sock Monkey Ranch!  Momma Ruth, our Nigerian/Pygmy goat, delivered a darling girl, Baby Miracle. It was a bittersweet event. The mother had a complications, which ended in a Caesarian section and breech delivery. Our vet explained that the baby’s sibling passed away days before the birth.  In spite … More Baby Miracle

The Suffrage Movement

“The mayor made his way over to Mara and her friends. A middle-age woman with a snowy puff of white hair followed him. She looked intently at the group, taking them in with an appraising air. She held their gazes, shaking hands firmly as they were introduced. Mayor Selby offered warm greetings and introduced them … More The Suffrage Movement

The Wall People: A Halloween Treat   Happy Halloween, readers! Here’s a little treat. 🎃 My paranormal romance novel, The Wall People, is on sale for .99 cents on October 31st! It’s my Countdown to Halloween Special. 💕📚🍂☕️ Travel back in time to 19th century Ireland! Are you ready? “Anne-Marie Dapp takes you into a vividly drawn world set in the Northwest, full of … More The Wall People: A Halloween Treat

The Wall People Giveaway: Part 2

Good evening, readers! I’ve decided to extend my October Giveaway promotion starting tonight! The first four entrants will receive a free Kindle copy of my paranormal romance, The Wall People! It’s the perfect Halloween story. Simply click the link below for your chance. Make sure to keep the lights on! Looking for a spooky … More The Wall People Giveaway: Part 2

Halloween Reads: The Wall People by AnneMarie Dapp

Halloween is quickly approaching! In celebration of my favorite season, I’d like to share a passage from my paranormal romance novel, The Wall People. It’s the perfect spooky tale for autumn! The Wall People  “The wind was fierce. Silence hovered over the town. Small black birds moved through the darkening sky. Heavy humidity suggested a … More Halloween Reads: The Wall People by AnneMarie Dapp


Happy Wordless Wednesday, readers ! My husband and I brought home a new puppy last week. We are absolutely in love with our baby Bichon! Here’s a few photos of our darling Clementine.   Bringing Home Baby Clementine’s New Bed Baby’s First Chew Toy So Many New Toys! So Sleepy… Go Niners! My Darling Girl … More Clementine

The Wall People Giveaway

Today’s contest for my paranormal romance novel, The Wall People, is live! Five random readers will be selected to win a free Kindle copy.  Simply click the link above to enter the contest! I’d love to hear if you’re a winner! Meanwhile, here’s a synopsis of the story: Looking for a spooky read this … More The Wall People Giveaway