The Phantom Portrait Official Release!

****Official Release Day for The Phantom Portrait ( White Raven Book 2) ****

Good afternoon, readers!

I’m excited to announce today is the official release day for my latest novel, The Phantom Portrait (White Raven Series Book 2). Copies are available in both ebook and print versions. Happy reading!

The White Raven cozy mystery series keeps you guessing until the end.

Art history master Jade Mackenzie is mourning the recent death of her mother and starting a new life for herself in Pacific Grove, California, where she’s inherited her grandmother’s cottage by the sea. She opens an antique shop in the heart of town. The appearance of a legendary white raven sets in motion events that cause her to question her own sanity.After discovering a portrait of a man dressed in 18th century garb gazing at the sea, she begins having bizarre dreams and visions. Is the portrait changing? Could the alterations actually be glimpses of the past or future? As if that’s not enough, Jade’s research into the portrait brings on the wrath of an ancient cult.Frightened by what she can’t explain, Jade confides in her sweet, sexy friend, Scottish firefighter Aidan MacFie, whose irresistible good nature seems to hide a painful past he’s wary of revealing.Aidan’s only choice is to protect Jade personally. But the greatest defense he may be able to give her is to reveal the truth about himself…and risk losing the chance at love with a woman he’s already fallen head over heels for.

Available at:

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