Autumn Lady Black Friday Weekend


Good morning, readers!

Paperback editions of my historical romance novel, Autumn Lady, are on sale for $10.45 this Black Friday weekend! That’s 35% off the cover price. It’s the perfect holiday gift. Travel back in time to 1870 San Francisco! Are you ready? ❤️📚🎄


Autumn Lady

“His eyes flickered with a touch of mischief. He chuckled softly, “Yes. That’s right, darlin’.” Dimples surfaced around his mouth as he smiled. “Miss McClain, I happen to be very familiar with that side of town.”

Mara was not sure why this was so amusing. She looked up at his face. His skin was quite fair in contrast to his dark hair. Thick, black lashes framed vibrant brown eyes, flecks of gold radiating around the pupils. The color was intense, mysterious. She wanted to keep looking, but thought it rude to stare. Instead, she turned way, studying the street, searching for another carriage.

“I can follow alongside your cab when it arrives. I have my horse saddled up around the corner. I’d be happy to escort you over to the Levy house. I’m heading over there myself.”

“You are?”

“Yes,” he said, smiling. “It’s my home.” His eyes shone with amusement, looking down at Mara’s bewildered face.

“You live there?” She asked in astonishment.

He looked at her patiently. “Well, yes, Miss McClain. You know that it’s a boarding house, right? I just so happen to be one of the boarders,” he said, grinning. Mara barely heard the carriage pulling up alongside her.

“Looks like your chariot has arrived,” he said. “The young lady would like a ride to the Levy Boarding House on O’Farrell Street.” He handed the driver some coins.
“Oh, Mr. Deane, I can pay my own way.”

“I’m sure you can, Miss McClain, but I’d like to take care of this one for you.” he said firmly.

Patrick finished paying the driver and turned to Mara offering his arm. As she took it, she felt his firm muscles against her body. Her face flushed. She pushed a locket of strawberry blond hair behind her ear, a nervous habit. Once she was seated, he helped the driver with the bags and grinned up at her.

“I’ll see yah back at Miss Levy’s house.” he said with a wink.

“Thank you, Mr. Deane.”

She watched him disappear into the fog and wondered if she’d imagined him: lost in thought, the carriage made its way down the cobblestone road.”

AnneMarie Dapp, Autumn Lady

I’d like to wish all of my readers a happy and safe holiday season!


AnneMarie Dapp



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