Wordless Wednesday: Vintage Halloween Traditions

the wall people             Halloween will always hold a special place in my heart. I love everything about the holiday. You can never have too many pumpkins, decorations, or scary costumes. My paranormal novel, The Wall People, takes place during All Hallows’ Eve. I’d like to share a passage from my story to set the mood for today’s Wordless Wednesday post. This will be followed by several  lovely images of vintage Halloween decorations. Enjoy!

The Wall People

“I’m so excited to finally find a friend that loves Halloween as much as I do. I still can’t believe how beautiful your antique Halloween collection is. It’s truly breathtaking.”

“Thank you. I’ve been collecting them for years. A few were passed down from my great-grandparents. There’s nothing creepier than some of those old Irish Halloween decorations. Did you know that the original jack-o’-lanterns were made from turnips?”

“Really? That is interesting.”

“Yes, they’re pretty scary looking. I can’t imagine trying to carve a turnip.” She laughed.

The ladies chatted about some of their favorite Halloween adventures over the years. Soon the room was filled with the scent of hot chocolate and cinnamon. ”

The Wall People, AnneMarie Dapp



the wall people

irishjack  19th Century Irish Jack-o-Lantern on exhibit at the Museum of Country Life in Co. Mayo.

stingy jack

This vintage postcard depicts the infamous Irish tale of “Stinging Jack”. The story originated centuries ago within the remote villages and rural towns of Ireland. The cautious tale portrays an infamous drunkard known for his manipulations and cruel tricks towards his fellow citizens. His reputation continues to grow until one fateful night. The devil overhears the stories of  Stingy Jack’s misconduct and decides to investigate the man himself.  After many misadventures with this incorrigible soul, Satan curses Jack to walk the planes between good and evil for eternity. His only means of comfort is a lighted turnip to guide his way.


Vintage Halloween Witch and  her Cozy Familiar

oldworld vintage

Old World Vintage Halloween Art

block                      Fabric Block Halloween Vintage Image Witch Postcard on Fabric


Vintage Halloween Card


Vintage Halloween Card


Vintage Halloween Postcard


Vintage Halloween Postcard



I hope you enjoyed today’s Wordless Wednesday post. Happy Halloween from Sock Monkey Ranch!


AnneMarie Dapp


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