Gowns of the Gilded Age

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For the next several weeks I’ll be posting  articles related to fashion trends of the Gilded Age. Each blog entry will begin with a passage from my historical romance novel, Autumn Lady. Today we will be studying gowns and shoes popular in the 1870’s.

“Mara and Betty admired the well-dressed ladies showing off the
latest fashions from Europe, cascading layers of satin held up by bustles and underskirts. The women glided through the crowds, their pleated gowns rustling softly with everstep. Corsets bound in whalebone and leather cinched many
of the women tightly. Their layers restrained them in breathless

The latest hairstyles demanded dramatic curls, bangs
that swept over the forehead, capped with dainty bonnets.
Wigs were common, as extensions were added to one’s natural
hair. Many of the ladies wore velvet collars around their
necks, the latest fashion trend out of Europe. They chatted
among themselves, their gentle laughter ringing out like little bells, fanning themselves, as they mingled.”

-Autumn Lady, AnneMarie Dapp


Silk Taffeta Dress, 1870, American

1870'a tafetta


Visiting Dress, 1873


Silk Dress, 1872–75, Metropolitan Museum of Art


Woman’s Day Dress: Bodice and Skirt: Made in United States, North and Central America, 1875:  Medium: Pale Blue Silk





1870’s Day Gown 

silkdaydress1870 18


1870’s Fashion Plates


1870’s Ball Gown:  Metropolitan Museum of Art

1870 green
Silk Faille Dress, Early 1870s,  Charleston Museum
Lavender Brocade Reception Gown,  1870
Blue Faille Reception Dress with Striped Overskirt & Bustle. French, 1874
Let’s not forget our dancing shoes! 
1870’s Boots featured at  “HEIGHTS OF FASHION: A HISTORY OF THE ELEVATED FOOT” Esplanade Museum [Alberta, Canada]
1870’s Silk Boots
Pair of Woman’s Slippers ( France) Materials:  Silk satin, Suede Leather, Linen, Brocaded Silk, and Metal 
I hope you enjoyed today’s sampling of dresses and shoes. Let’s check in again next week for another glimpse of the Gilded Age.  Thank you for visiting!
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